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Your services were very much appreciated. Thanks to you I can now walk pain free and not hobble everywhere I go! It feels great to be "normal" again. Keep up the great work!

Cassandra D.

Thank you for helping me with my mom's account. You blessed me yesterday. I appreciate your help and the help of your staff member who brought it to your attention. You went above and beyond. I will not forget your kindness.

Bonnie P.

Honestly, Dr. Fowler is by far, one of the BEST Podiatrists in Idaho! I have had foot and ankle surgery from Podiatrist in Oregon and California from a couple of the top rated Doctors; he is as Professional, Knowledgeable, Medically Educated, Compassionate and Super Friendly, as they were! Not to mention, an EXCELLENT SURGEON!! I am 6 weeks out of my Surgery with success of walking and standing on my feet for 12 hour work days, with very minimal pain. He is the Best choice I made for my foot care. NOW, a Doctor's Office is Only as good as it's staff. The staff is the Best Staff EVER!!! Walking into their office is so welcoming and warm!! Angela, Adalia, Natalie, Heather, Kendra, and Dustin ROCK!! They are super Friendly, Professional, very helpful with any needs you have; like Insurance approval, appointment reminders, medical assistance, and just plain good people!! Pleasure to do my Health care with!! Love, Love, Love, them ALL!!

Kymberlee P.

Took our 3 year old son to have a very infected ingrown toenail removed. Dr. Fowler was so nice and made the experience great for both our son and us as parents. The front desk staff was very kind and made an origami bird for our son to help him feel happy. Would recommend Dr. Fowler and his practice to anyone!

Jeffery J.

I take my mother to Dr. Fowler for pain management for her feet. We have been seeing him for about 3 years. This has saved her from having surgery at her age (85).We go every 8 weeks. Dr. Fowler is so kind and caring as is all of his staff. Our last visit was pleasant as always and my mother even requested that the Assistant be there next time to trim her toenails and make fun conversation. The Staff members name is Dustin. He was funny, and sensitive to her needs and my mother loved that she didn't have any pain from the trimming. I highly support this Doctor and his staff, and if I had a need to see a foot specialist this would be my only choice.

Linda L.

Great people, great service, and they had me taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Andrew S.

Great caring staff and doctors! Would recommend to everyone!

Sharyn M.

Dr Troy is a joy to go see. His humor makes a weird situation better. Who likes someone touching your feet? His professionalism is on point and takes his time to do a thorough job. I like that he asks questions and doesn't rush you out. It's nice to have someone listen to you and not try to end quickly so they can go to lunch or see the next patient. In addition to Dr. Troy' s thoroughness his staff are amazing. The receptionists are polite and helpful and always cheery. His assistants are kind and show they really like their job. If you've been on the fence about who to go to for foot care..go to Foot and Ankle. They are great!

Debba L.

My MD referred me to see Troy Fowler at the Foot and Ankle center for what he thought might be a bunion, which was terribly painful and limited my active life. I was impressed from the first phone call to schedule an appointment. The staff asked the right questions, were pleasant, and helpful with directing me to filling out new patient forms online. Dr. Fowler was excellent . He suggested several treatment alternatives, leaving me to decide for myself how I wished to proceed. I opted for surgery since I had been in agony for months and am pretty active. Everyone in the office gave me info and options of where I could have the proceedure done. The staff promised to contact my insurance company and hospital for coverage and cost quotes. They came through, leaving me with peace of mind. Dr. Fowler was very informative on what I should expect before , during, and after surgery. He called me that night to check on me. He has been a dream, the whole experience has been positive and anxiety free from the beginning. If you are having issues with your feet, give their office a chance, you won't be disappointed.

Ann L.

This place was great. Had my bunion repaired by Dr. Fowler. From the first appointment they were very timely at getting me in and then explaining everything to me. The surgery went great and I knew just what to expect. I am no out 6 months and feeling great!!

Chelsea J.

My daughter hurt her lower leg/ankle and we were able to get her in right away. It was so nice that X-rays could be taken right in the office. The staff was great. Dr. Fowler answered all my questions and was very fun and personable. I would recommend Foot and Ankle to my friends and family!!


I went to Dr. Fowler to have a bunion taken off. I wanted it done right away and he did the surgery the next week. Through the whole process he and his staff did an excellent job and made you feel comfortable. He did a great job on my foot and I have good mobility in my toes. I would recommend him to anyone with foot problems.

Wanda S.

Staff was exceptional, absolutely hospitable! Amazing greetings once I stepped through the doors! Dr. Fowler was thorough and explained my neuromas with great detail, but not so great that I wouldn't understand! I would recommend these people to a limping stranger I saw on the streets!

Thank you, Foot And Ankle Medical Center, for helping me get back on my feet!!!


My husband had an open wound on the bottom of his foot. He saw our primary Doctor and was referred to Dr. Fowler at the Food and Ankle Medical Center immediately. The situation was very serious being some kind of infection that no one could really explain what the cause was. Dr. Fowler was very diligent and did everything to get it taken care of. It took seven months of constant care and as of yesterday Mike has a clean bill of health. We would recommend everyone in need of foot or ankle care to Dr. Fowler. He is very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping his patients. Dr. Fowler also has the BEST staff of any medical office we have ever been in.

Sue V.

Dr. Fowler and his staff are very professional and efficient. I've been there on numerous occasions and very much appreciate their helping me. They're top notch!

Nampa P.

I called as a new patient and got an appointment the next day which was awesome because I had called other clinics and would have to wait in Pain. The staff was very friendly and they took there time to make sure all the questions were answered. Dr. Johnson took his time to go over all my concerns then fit me with a orthopedic insole that worked for me. This was not covered by my insurance but they were very reasonable with the cost of it. I appreciated the time and care they gave.

Lisa C.

Dr. Johnson is awesome. He is super great about explaining things without being overwhelming. I just felt like I was in such good hands!

Erica P.

Amazing and professional staff! The service was stellar, the doctors are engaging, the assistants are knowledgeable and professional! Highly recommended!

Daniel O.

I had to have a ingrown toe nail removed, the staff were very friendly from the moment I walked in. They gave me my options and let me decide what I wanted to have done, and answered any questions I had. I highly recommend them for any foot ankle need you have.

Pamela L.

I saw Dr. Fowler and was extremely impressed.
I am a runner and a coach and had suffered from heel pain for over a month. He was very thorough with the examination, spending over an hour with me. I was able to get some answers and found that he was patient with all my questions. He was very conservative with his treatment approach, giving me things that I could do at home, before proceeding to more expensive options.
I would recommend Troy Fowler to other runners and athletes in our community.

Rebecca K.

Came in to this practice with bilateral ankle pain .

Filled out my paperwork and was immediately taken back to the exam room with no waiting time whatsoever. The Medical Assistant Reichel , is a very caring knowledgeable person and was a pleasure to have in my visit . She helped me along with the entire process.

Dr Fowler is extremely knowledgeable and this isn't a place to try and get you in and out as soon as they can, the Dr as well as the staff sat down with me AT LEAST 30-45 mins examining my ankles , offering advice, products ( but NOT AT ALL pushing any products just recommendation) and even just having discussions getting to know the patients. I would recommend this place to absolutely anybody who is search of a foot & ankle Dr.

The entire staff all seem happy to be there and want to help in any way they possibly can.


Dominic S.